About me

Filming has been my hobby since childhood and the fact that it has been my full-time job for six years is like a dream come true.

I seek constant renewal by keeping my tools up-to-date and by learning more and more new perspectives in order to provide YOU with the highest possible quality year by year.

Wedding films

This is probably the most difficult but also the most beautiful branch of filming.

It's about getting to know you, being there with you on the most beautiful day of your life, finding out how you experienced your own wedding and present all this through a short movie.
I've been recording weddings since 2014 with constant enthusiasm and a youthful style, now in 4K quality. :)

Drone videos and photos

Any place is different from a bird's eye view, even those that you see day by day.

The most peculiar form of filming is making aerial videos. Many shots that are impossible to take from the ground are now a stone's throw away.
I am one of the few people in the country who have obtained a drone-pilot license officially recognized by the Aviation Authority.


Advertising is important for any business - from the smallest venture through fitness gyms to the largest corporations.

I aim to produce short movies for any business that will help them to keep one step ahead of competitors.

Behind the scenes


Minute-long short clips presenting sport events, corporate events, christenings.


Within the nearly two years I have been working in the media, I've had the opportunity to meet and work with almost every well-known music group and musician of Hungary.
It's always an intriguing thing to meet those people who have produced the music we hear on the radio day by day.


It often happens that I have to do only a small part of a longer video.
These are usually aerial shots, making-of videos or jobs involving several cameramen.